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In omnia paratus

Finnish, 28, UK law-student-to-be (2016), Sociologist (MSSc), Vegetarian, Photographer.

Language addict (fluent/ near fluent Finnish, English, Italian, Swedish, ok Japanese.) Slightly obsessed with caffeine, capturing landscapes, architecture and night sky images.


Piano, writing, good tv, science, dogs and other animals, health, caffeine, dancing, songwriting, poetry, nature photography, reading, traveling, sunsets, beaches, bonfires, italian and asian cuisine, autumn, winter, and of course fantastic tunes :)


Everyday life, hopes, dreams, goals. I don't post about politics, religion or negative things. I have lost my best friend to sudden death and have had many types of cancer in my family, so I don't like dwelling on the past. I prefer to live life and make the most out of it. Occasional rants about good books, music, movies and tv-shows can happen.

Goodreads, Instagram & Twitter: tinhenno

If you feel like we'd click, feel free to send a message! I warmly welcome new people on my list :)